Prof Paul Kemp

  • Principle Investigator for Vaccinating the NEXUS
  • Director of the EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Sustainable Infrastructure Systems (CDT-SIS)
  • Focus on Water and Environmental Engineering

Dr Michele Acuto

  • Investigator for Vaccinating the NEXUS
  • Research Director and Senior Lecturer in Global Networks & Diplomacy at STEaPP
  • Focus on urbanisation and technology in world politics and on the changing landscapes of diplomacy.

Prof Markus Owen

  • Investigator for Vaccinating the NEXUS
  • Focus on Mathematical Medicine and Biology

Dr Sarah Purdy

  • Focus on Plant Physiology
  • Leads the BBSRC Sustainable Bioenergy Centre (BSBEC)

Dr Shaun Larcom

Lecturer in Environmental Economics and Development at SOAS SLSQ

Mr Darren Lumbroso

  • Principle Engineering for HR Wallingford
  • Specialises in in flood risk management, hydrology, water resources management and emergency management for flooding.
Darren Lumbroso

Dr Dapeng Yu

  • Senior Lecturer in Geography
  • Specialises in hydrodynamic modelling, in particular flood inundation, river hydraulics and hydrological processes

Dr Mirella Di Lorenzo

  • Specialises in the practical use of micro biofuel cells as potential power source for biomedical accessories.
  • Lecturer in Biochemical Engineering
  • Expertise in microbial fuel cells and sensors for water quality monitoring and healthcare applications

Dr Jasper De Bie



Research Assistant at Southampton


Dr Saro Rengaraj

Research Assistant at Bath  Picture2

Dr Terry van Gevelt

Research Assistant at Cambridge  SQ

Dr Jenn Gaskell

Research Assistant at Nottingham  JENNGASKELLsq

Dr Rocio Carrero

Research Assistant at University College London  Rocio

 Dr Jason Kam

 Research Assistant at Aberystwyth University  Aber PDRA Jason Kam

Dr Thomas Benson

  • Investigator for Vaccinating the NEXUS
  • Principle Scientist in the Coasts & Oceans Group at HR Wallingford
  • Specialises in computational modelling of underwater environments including hydrodynamics, acoustics, sediment/pollutant dispersion and fish behaviour.